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Access cambridge fce speaking sample test 1 here to help you prepare and succeed in the cambridge cae exam. Why is studying a language abroad often more popular than in your own country. Phrases other than those above with the same key words and phrases. Its been a fantastic but extremely taxing experience. Because students are being tested on comparing, describing, expressing opinions, and speculating, it is important that students know the language related to these concepts. Useful phrases and vocabulary for cambridge cae and fce speaking module part 1 on your city speaking about your city is a great way to show that you know how to use relative clauses correctly. You can find below two lists with different expressions, linking words and discourse markers which may come in handy both for your sustained monologue and the interaction phase. Must see if you are taking the fce exam, with helpful expressions and language. It is advisable to reach an agreement with your partner, but it is not absolutely necessary. All my example sentences are based on these photos.

Longturn sample this part of the exam tests your ability to speak at length coherently, use language to describe, compare and contrast and comment upon a topic. To familiarise students with the procedure and expectations of the pet speaking examination 2. Fce cambridge first certificate writing part one useful. How to succeed in b2 first fce speaking part 3 kse. Fce speaking test useful phrases asking for clarification sorry, im not sure what you mean. Useful expressions you should use in the speaking part of the fce exam e. The most important thing is to show the examiner that you are discussing and working towards a final decision. Would you like a list of phrases you can use in the speaking exam. Drill all the phrases repeatedly taking one out each time. The useful phrases below will help with your ielts speaking part 3. The advantages and disadvantages of the job of a teacher.

Part i m speaking english for my own satisfaction my job in order to improve my employment prospects if you want to go ahead these days you need to. Greenwich produces more cambridge graduates than any other college in australia. This post will help you to prepare for the ielts speaking module by learning about useful language you can use when answering questions in the speaking section. Introduction background to the topic why it is important etc explaining the structure of your essay introduction body giving strong opinions giving weak.

How to do first fce speaking part 2 breakout english. Cambridge first certificate fce speaking part three phrases presentation, practice and games key words for fce speaking part three use these key words to help you with the last task. Other than vocabulary related to whatever the topic of the pictures is, the best thing you can give to your students is language to help them organise and speculate. Useful phrases for fce speaking free download as powerpoint presentation. Fce speaking part 2 with useful expressionslanguage. Cambridge fce and cae speaking part ii vocabulary and tips. Personal questions prepare answers on the following topics. Fce speaking test part 3 useful phrases with examples. Fce speaking test part 2 useful phrases fce exam tips. Cambridge first certificate fce speaking part three. Fce speaking, fce speaking part 1, fce speaking part 2, fce speaking part 3, fce speaking part 4, fce speaking phrases. Therefore, to achieve higher score, you should know how to make a longer sentence and to avoid examiners braintwisting questions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Cambridge first certificate speaking exam, useful expressions for each stage.

In this lesson we will look at some useful ielts interview expressions. Make sure you have a short explanation about your city prepared. Here are some useful phrases you can use in part 2 of the fce speaking test. You will probably be asked to talk about the topic of holiday in ielts speaking. They will help you make your spoken output more cohesive the relation between your ideas will be clearer. Useful phrases and clues for the writing paper fce, cae. In some cases the issues listed are in the form of a statement. Picture pairs with questions to help students practice for speaking part of fce exam can also be used as extra speaking practice for any. Fce 87% she tore open the letter and read it quickly. So its back to the bread and butter of exam prep classes and two longstanding private students have their fce next week, so ive made this handy fce speaking phrase sheet.

Ive also written some example sentences so you can see how to use them properly. Useful phrases for speaking paper fce, cae, cpe sciaga. Where you live, free time activities, family, workstudy life, future plans. Fce speaking part three language learning tasks and useful. Useful categorised phrases for fce speaking or any other speaking exam. For speaking you need some simple linking words to help examiner follow your ideas. You may remember that part a of task 2 of the oral exam is the dialogue whose aim is to reach an agreement and part b is the threeway discussion led by the examiner. Ive split the phrases into different sections, and at the bottom of the page is an example conversation which uses some of the phrases in a natural way. Top linking words for speaking and useful words, phrases. Useful expressions and vocabulary for cae and fce speaking. Fce speaking part three language learning tasks and useful phrases useful language for fce speaking part three try to remember or think of at least two phrases for each of the functions below, using language which is complex but natural if you can. These linking words will help you to express your ideas and use them in different situations. First post in a while as ive been tied up with delta module 1 exams.

Fce speaking test useful phrases asking for clarification. Fce speaking useful expressions flashcards quizlet. Download free pdf english books from common useful english phrases at easypacelearning. English esl fce speaking worksheets most downloaded 20. Ive also written some example sentences so you can see how to. Cambridge fce speaking sample test 1 cambridge practice. Hopefully you already know what to expect in the ielts speaking exam. You need to make sure that you have adequate vocabulary and phrases to explain your position in the speaking test. Fce first certificate speaking part 4 with useful expressions phrases. Useful phrases for fce speaking part 2 the long turn. Fce speaking free download as powerpoint presentation. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site.

Useful language july 7, 2012 september 29, 2019 ieltsacademic for most people, the discussion is the toughest part of the ielts speaking test. Remember that it has three sections and takes about 11 to 14 minutes to complete. First certificate in english speaking test part 2 4 minutes sample test materials 17 special moments 18 leisure activities the examiner who speaks to you the interlocutor uses the following script. To develop knowledge of the language for expressing opinions, agreeing and disagreeing and making choices 3. What strikes me about the first picture is the fact that. Paraphrase use these phrases to describe words you dont know. Useful expresions for speaking fce starting comparison in the first second picture theres a. This file includes phrases that are useful and helpful for successful. For a complete list of useful expressions, visit the speaking bank on pgs. Although this part of the task does not follow a particular structure, given that it depends on the topic of the pictures, you are typically asked to draw on your own experience in connection with the topic or to choose one of the pictures and justify your answer. Pdf 30 incredibly useful phrases for speaking part 2. For this part, its highly likely that you have to answer some questions related to ielts speaking part 2.

Some phrases such as asking for clarification, correcting yourself, speculating and reaching a decision, etc. Although its a very bad idea to memorize scripted answers, you can learn and practice phrases to talk about a variety of common topics you might be asked about on your speaking exam. There are also some speech bubble powerpoints to drill the language in class, click on each phrase to make it disappear. Strong disagreement i doubt that very much i think you got that wrong dont you dare say so. Each section has common phrases and questions used to talk about a central topic. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Fce speaking phrases tims free english lesson plans. Do use high level vocabulary words for comparing and. You can use some useful words and phrases below to write a great essay to get a high score in your exam. This book is centered on giving you the phrases and ideas you need to talk about each subject in an everyday setting. Here is a comprehensive list of useful tips and strategies to help your students prepare for the cambridge first certificate speaking exam and feel confident in taking the exam.

Cae speaking phrases tims free english lesson plans. The expressions in bold are useful words or phrases to use in any discussion. My favourite worst teacher was a person called i prefer working alone because i like having the radio on in the background. Useful phrases and clues for the writing paper fce, cae, cpe. To increase students confidence when describing visuals, using a range of prepositional language. Useful phrases for fce cambridge first certificate writing part one essays brainstorming and key words brainstorm at least two or three useful phrases for doing the things written below. English books for download pdf common useful english phrases.

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