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Service manuals these are the service manuals, produced by ensoniq, that were previously available only to repair centers. The ensoniq module exchange provam is available to all authorized repair statiorus and bc thc most cost and time efficient method for both you and your customer. The front panel the front panel the mirage control panel contains a logical array of multifunction buttons and a status display that will show you all. This page lists owners manuals, service manuals and documentation available for ensoniq audio, music, stage and studio equipment. These esq1 patches should also work nicely with any esq1 software emulation or with the ensoniq sq80. It was the plain keyboard only with no disks or no manuals, and the price was somewhat attractive at a glance. Mirage dsk8 digital sampling keyboard ensoniq encyclotronic. Note that this requires erasing whatever is in the eps memory, so make sure any instruments or sequences are saved to a formatted disk before proceeding. Creative labs or whoever they might have sold the rights to. There is a yahoo user group with a few guys that worked for ensoniq back in the day as well as users that have reed the boards. However, there is a certain amount of nostalgia concerned with the mirage, particularly with its sample library which still stands the test of time.

The mirage dsk represents a continuation of ensoniqs commitment to providing. Home manuals ensoniq corporation mirage parameter reference card page 1. This gem of a synth offers three digital oscillators, each with its own digitally controlled amplifier. It is true that the ensoniq mirage factory disks sounds are present on cdr1. Then the ensoniq technician would repair the defective board and it would go back into stock. Mirage users will recognize them straight away ah and do voices for instance from mirage. Digital wave synthesizer and sequencer 218 pages synthesizer ensoniq esq1 service manual. Like the sq80, each track has five 1024 byte sectors numbered consecutively from zero to four followed by one sector of 512 bytes with a sector id of five.

No one knows more about the ensoniq mirage than syntaurand probably some of you synth fans. The mirage net is a mailing list of ensoniq mirage owners and others. Senddng the mirage is quite simple and straightf0nard. Ensoniq sq1 sq1 plus sq1 plus 32 voice sqr sqr plus sqr plus 32 voice sq2 sq2 32 voice. Hxc for ensoniq mirage ever heard of ensoniq mirage. Ensoniq sd1 vfx vfxsd service manual no schematics. Download ensoniq disk tools documentation in pdf format. Once morage sound is loaded into the mirage memory, any or all of the programs can be modified. This is why the service manuals are set up the way they are. The mirage is the brainchild of robert yannes, the man responsible for the mos technology sid sound interface device chip in the commodore 64. This manual is a simple and straightforward presentation of the mirage t sophistication. All of cdr1 is not from the mirage some of the sounds on the cd are from the slt disks that originated on the eps.

One of the earliest affordable samplersynths, the mirage is an 8bit sampler featuring a 61key velocitysensitive keyboard, twodigit led display, midi, analog filters, and a 333event sequencer. The ensoniq module exchange provam is available to all authorized repair statiorus and bc thc most cost and. This copy of service manual was originally available from. I think the timing would be tighter, using the builtin sequencer when programming drums, compared to an external midi. Total posts 7 total topics 5 total members 11 our newest member marcoantiniocj. Ensoniq mirage dsk service manual vintage synth parts. Complete documentation of the functions and abilities of ensoniq disk tools. Ensoniq technical documents and schematics rmassive. Ensoniq corporation was an american electronics manufacturer, best known throughout the mid 1980s and 1990s for its musical instruments, principally samplers and synthesizers. Ensoniq entered the instrument market with the mirage sampling keyboard in 1985. Ensoniq mirage the late but great 8 bit mirage series machines. Analog synths, combo organs, theremins, vintage keys.

Ensoniq corporation mirage parameter reference card page 1. The of the above schematics and manuals still belongs to the emu ensoniq corporation read. The mirage dsk represents a continuation of ensoniqs commitment to providing its. Most if not all of ensoniq s repairs were board replacement. Grounding instructions this product must be grounded. Be sure to read this instruction manual thoroughly before beginning any serious work. Theres not alot to say about them spec wise, 8 bit, mono out, a totally arcane operating system, and real analog filters, which. In total there is 1 user online 1 registered, 0 hidden and 0 guests based on users active over the past 5 minutes most users ever online was 12 on mon jun 24, 2019 5.

Ensoniq mirage disk format the mirage has a format similar to the sq80 keyboard. It was one of the earliest affordable sampler synths in history. A locally cached version of service manual is available at. The ensoniq digital oscillator chip ensoniq es5503 doc that he designed was used in the mirage as well as in the apple iigs computer and ensoniq s esq1. This page contains information about the service manual for the mirage dsk8 from ensoniq corporation. Ensoniq mirage dsk1 manual this will write the contents of your diskette to the c. Rather than diagnose and replace individual components, you mll replace complete modules. This page contains information about the parameter reference card page 1 for the mirage from ensoniq corporation. Mirage dsk1 musicians manual if youre like most of us, youve probably already hooked up your mirage and reached some level of limited success in making it work. Science fiction like operating system using hex codebut this thing sounds awsome i have written most of an album with this and a hard disk recorder totally underestimated and not just for lofithe acousitic piano is still the best i have heard, not for realisim but the way it.

Starting with the esq1, they began producing samplebased synthesizers. Ensoniq mirage digital sampling keyboard classic unit 61 keys. You, the user, can create your own software by taking sounds you record with the mirage hardware and transferring that information onto a specially formatted mirage diskette for future use. We strive for accuracy and completeness, but this is not a perfect world if you find anything wrong or want something included, please let me know. All original scans with an emphasis on retaining or enhancing as much quality as possible. This was the original mirage with the horrible pratt. Loading a mirage sound into the eps the eps has a command which lets you load ensoniq mirage sounds and convert them into eps instruments. Troubleshooting guide fault diagnosis, test modes functional testing, service bulletins engineering changes modifications, an owners guide for the operation of the equipment. It is also a plus to own the masos mirage operating system, but not necessary for this procedure to work correctly. Learn everything you need to know to get up and running with these manuals. Ensoniq mirage can envelope filter your samples in nice ways. Ensoniq mirage 1984 digital sampling keyboard classic unit 61 keys.

This product is equipped with a cord having an equipmentgrounding conductor and a grounding plug. Ensoniq asr10 scsi interface model sp3 owners user manual contents. Following the success of these products, ensoniq established a subsidiary in japan in 1987. As the trio navigated the uncertainty of their new business venture, their collective expertise helped them design the sleek, userfriendly mirage sampling keyboardthe first piece of gear that officially put ensoniq on the map. Some expand the sequencing capabilities dramatically, one is just the 3. The ensoniq mirage boots up from a floppy disk containing the operating. The mirage is an eightvoice polyphonic digital sampling keyboard instrument in many ways similar to. Manual download the original owners manual from soundprogramming. This demo uploaded louder than my original, please adjust your volume accordinglythis demo contains sounds from a single mirage dsk8. Back in 1984, an unknown company called ensoniq released its first product, the mirage. Ensoniq esq1 and esqm digital wave synthesizer and sequencer manuals house of synth.

The chameleon requires an ensoniq mirage, miragedsk, or mirage. The ensoniq mirage user manual and parameter sheets. Ensoniq corporation mirage parameter reference card. Home manuals ensoniq corporation mirage dsk8 service manual. However, the disk only contains data on one side of the disk with 80 tracks numbered 0 79. We suggest that you read the manual from front to back covers, including the. Page 29 theres more to the details of mirage sampling and programming than well address here.

Ensoniq mirage dsk8 digital sampling keyboard reverb. A great site for all ensoniq synth and sampler users with info and resources including service and repair, owners manuals, service manuals, schematics, cooling units, replacement disk drives, floppy disk media, sequencer upgrades, memory and more. There are four versions of the mirage sampler, and they all use the same disks. An advanced samplers guide is available from your authorized ensoniq dealer. Ensoniq mirage the late but great 8 bit mirage series. Foot pedals manuals and accessory disks replacement keys and parts. After all, their specs, design and quality are superior. An evergrowing library of sounds is available from ensoniq that will keep your mirage fresh and new for years to come.

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